Abandoned: The Yamanashi Dodge

April 22, 2017



How this Dodge WC-14 ended up abandoned deep in the mountains of Yamanashi is anyones guess. This model of vehicle was commonly used by the Americans in WW2, after which many were shipped over to Japan to help transport materials to the capital city during reparations. This one somehow…(read more)

Abandoned: More Abandoned Buses

February 26, 2017



It has been a while since I was out finding abandoned buses in and around Japan, here a couple of new ones to add to the collection though! This time they come from Hokkaido and Niigata, two of Japan’s extremely snowy regions.

Commercial: Accelerate Magazine

January 28, 2017




Back in 2015 I started working for Accelerate, a magazine based out of Europe with localized editions published in Japan, America and of course Europe. The company behind the magazine, shecco, are a global market accelerator helping companies bring climate-friendly solutions to market, in the heating, cooling and refrigeration sectors.

I am happy to have worked with them on producing a total of nine front covers now…(read more)

Explore: Togakushi Snowshoe Hike

January 24, 2017



Two shots from a recent snowshoe hike I did to Togakushi Shrine in Nagano-ken. Some photos from this hike have also been added to my Explore Japan gallery.

Abandoned: Home for Spent Vending Machines

January 17, 2017




Japan is synonymous with vending machines, they can be found up and down the country selling an array of interesting, mundane, and useful products. The more obvious items on sale include snacks and drinks, but if you know where to look and search hard enough you can also find vending machines for more unusual items such as…(read more) 

Explore: Short Hokkaido Roadtrip

January 16, 2017






A few shots from a recent trip to Hokkaido. I spent five days in the Niseko and Kutchan area. Some of these photos have also been added to my Explore Japan gallery.

Explore: The Dancing Girl’s Inn

December 26, 2016



In 1926 Japanese author Yasunari Kawabata wrote the short story The Izu Dancer (伊豆の踊子). Kawabata wrote The Izu Dancer while staying at Fukuda-ya, a Japanese Inn in the Yugano region of Izu. Having recently enjoyed reading the book I decided to stay there myself…(read more)

Abandoned: Yasato Village Post Office

December 21, 2016



The Yasato Village Post Office is a disused post office in a small pocket of rural Kanto. Time is slowly taking its toll on the inside of the building, leaving a sea of dead leaves behind the counter. The orange curtains which remain drawn…(read more)

Abandoned: Tochigi Gas Station

December 20, 2016



During a recent trip through Tochigi Prefecture I stumbled across this disused Gas Station by the side of the road. It was the large lettering across the window of the small cabin that said OPEN, that caught my attention first. This gas station was anything but open though…(read more)

Explore: Return to the Kowloon Walled City

November 30, 2016




I recently went to check out the recreated Kowloon Walled City in Kawasaki. Painstaking efforts have been made to remake the infamous and densely populated settlement that was located in Hong Kong in…(read more)

Abandoned: Bunka Valley Clinic

November 21, 2016



Bunka Valley Clinic is a small abandoned wooden clinic hidden in a road-side thicket of trees, in rural Japan.
It was built in 1918 to serve the local community, and operated for just over half a century, eventually closing in the 1970s. Since then the surrounding trees and shrubs have…(read more)

Personal: 東京のまつり- New Images Uploaded

November 18, 2016



New images added to my 東京のまつり(Tokyo no matsuri) project. A personal project documenting traditional matsuri (festivals) in and around Tokyo. All images shot on 35mm Fuji film on various cameras…(read more)

Abandoned: The Neglected Ryokan

November 14, 2016



Ryokan are Japanese style inns found throughout the country, in little towns and big cities alike. They originated in the Edo period (1603–1868), and have remained popular with Japanese tourists and travelers since. Last year while traveling through the Kanto region I stumbled across a ryokan that has abandoned for almost a decade…(read more)

Abandoned: Wagakawa Hydropower Plant

November 08, 2016




The abandoned Wagakawa Hydropower Plant sits nestled among a sea of trees on the side of a mountain in Tohoku, Japan. The large concrete structure which overlooks a picturesque river, surrounded on all sides by thick vegetation and forest was closed in the 1960s due to…(read more)

Abandoned: The Village Ironworks

November 02, 2016



The Village Ironworks was a family-run iron smelting plant located in rural Japan. It was founded in 1881 by the Tamura family, and was operational for over a century until the late 1990s, when it finally closed. I recently went along to see what was left and to see…(read more)

Feature: Hiking Japan’s autumn Trails

November 01, 2016

A recent piece in the Japan Times’ supplement Weekend Scene, published both online and in print, about autumn hiking in Japan. All images by myself, text by Tyler Rothmar. Read the full article here.

Live: DBS 20th w/ Mala and Congo Natty

October 18, 2016



DBS celebrated their twentieth birthday party over the weekend at Unit in Tokyo, with guests Mala (DMZ) and Congo Natty…(read more)

Personal: Exploring Cornwall

October 12, 2016



As a teenager living in Cornwall, I took the stunningly beautiful coastline and countryside that surrounded me for granted…(read more)

Feature: The Nagano Village that Modernity Forgot

October 11, 2016


A piece I had published in the Japan Times both online and in print, about the forgotten village of Odairajuku, in Nagano, Japan. All images and text by myself. Read the full article here.

Commercial: Gnokids English School

October 09, 2016



I was recently contracted to photograph at a chain of English language schools in Tokyo for the launch of their new website…(read more)

Abandoned: Kanto Psychiatric Hospital

September 05, 2016



This abandoned hospital closed in 2001 due to accusations of financial fraud and a string of human rights violations – bars across the windows and solitary cells, this hospital…(read more)

Explore: Koenji Awa Odori 2016

August 29, 2016



The Awa Odori Festival (阿波踊り) is a dance festival of almost unimaginable scale held each year in the first half of August in Tokushima Prefecture on the island of Shikoku in Japan. The annual event attracts close to 1.5 million spectators every year…(read more)

Explore: Odairajuku Village

August 24, 2016



Nakasendo (中山道) is a 335 mile inland route that connected the cities of Kyoto and Edo (now Tokyo) during Japan’s feudal period. It was traveled by feudal lords, samurai, merchants and pilgrims allowing communication between remote communities and trade between different clans.

Most of the towns and villages that made up the Nakasendo have disappeared over time, but if you search hard enough you can still find some remote villages that once provided food and shelter for travelers along the Nakasendo… (read more)

Promo: London Elektricity x Nesta Brand

August 20, 2016




Between live shows in Osaka and Tokyo, I met up with London Elektricity in Tokyo’s Harajuku district. He was at the Nesta Brand Shop, a label he has closes ties and connections with. Decked out in a fresh tee we hit the surrounding streets to work on updating his promotional photo catalogue. This is a small sample of what we came up together.

Soon after this we hit one of the best ramen joints in Tokyo – Hope-ken. Don’t know? Get to know!

Feature: Edo Tokyo Architectural Museum

August 18, 2016





An article I worked on for Navitime Japan on the Edo Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum in West Tokyo. This has been one of my favourite places to relax, explore and photograph since moving to the city eight years ago. Accompanied by an excellent piece of text, I’m happy to share with you my images of this fascinating place…(read more)

Live: DBS Present Hospital Records Night 2016

July 20, 2016



It’s that time of year again! London Elektricity flew into Tokyo last weekend to put on another Hospital Records night with the mighty DBS crew! Alongside London Elektricity on the ones and twos were Makoto, T-AK and Tetsuji Tanaka. As always the night was stomping and the crowd were…(read more)

Abandoned: The Shoes of Mr and Mrs Asai

June 28, 2016



Earlier this year I photographed the house of Mr and Mrs Asai, situated in the mountains that boarder the western reaches of the Tokyo Metropolis. They were one of several families that made up a local charcoal producing community. Their industry flourished in the early part of the twentieth century but by 1990 their operation had ground to a halt, and the entire village was completely abandoned. Whilst exploring there I found an interesting collection of shoes…(read more)

Abandoned: Return to Western Village

June 27, 2016



Back in February of 2015 I went to check out one of Japan’s most infamous haikyo spots Western Village – an abandoned amusement park near Tokyo that was built with an American West theme. The family run attraction that was constructed in the 1970s closed in the early 2000s due to dwindling crowds. At the request of a friend I recently back to see if it’s still standing…(read more) 

Feature: Koenji by Day

June 26, 2016



An article I worked on for Navitime Japan on one of my favourite neighborhoods in Tokyo, Koenji…(read more)

Abandoned: Some New Old Buses

June 20, 2016



Added a few more buses to my album of abandoned buses in Japan, this time they were found in Yamanashi-ken, about 90 minutes west of Tokyo…(read more)

Hospital Records Night with London Elektricity

June 18, 2016


DBS presents a Hospital Records Night with London Elektricity at UNIT in Daikanyama on July 17th. I’m happy they used the cover photo, that I shot, from London Electrikity’s latest album ‘Are We There Yet?’ for the flyer. Read more about the event here.

Abandoned: The Tomogashima Military Base Ruins

May 23, 2016



Tomogashima is the collective name of a cluster of four islands off the coast of Wakayama. They have a rich history which includes Buddhist training, military defense units and Studio Ghibli! Last week I went along to see for myself what I could find at Tomogashima…(read more)

Feature: Why is Tokyo starting to taste like Portland?

May 21, 2016


A short piece I worked on with Japan Times about the PDX Taproom in Shibuya, Tokyo…(read more)

Personal: View of Mt.Fuji on my return leg to Tokyo

May 10, 2016


Last week during my return flight to Tokyo I managed to snap this photo of Mt. Fuji. The route from Kansai Airpot to Narita usually flies a lot closer to Fuji, but due to high winds around its base that day we were forced to fly low in a more easterly direction, giving us this excellent side view. Also in the frame are both Lake Ashinoko and Lake Yamanakako, as well as the northern most tip of the Izu Peninsula in the bottom left corner, and then the start of the Pacific Ocean. This photo has been added to my Explore Japan portfolio.

Abandoned: Mud Slide Elementary School

May 09, 2016




The Mud Slide Elementary School is an abandoned school in the mountainous countryside of West Japan. The wooden structure was forced to close in 1989 after a mud slide from the mountain behind the school damaged large parts of the building. The school has sat unused ever since…(read more)

Abandoned: Kansai Sento

May 07, 2016



An abandoned sento (public bathhouse) I discovered recently in the Kansai region of Japan. It was built some time during the Showa period (1926–1989) and then abandoned in the past decade or so. Untouched now for many years, it is still in great condition and features various throwbacks to a bygone era of Japan…(read more)

Abandoned: Kennal Vale Gunpowder Works

April 03, 2016


In the thick of Kennal Vale forest in Cornwall are the ruins of an old gunpowder works. They were constructed over an area of 20 acres in the early 1800’s, and commercial production started in 1813…(read more)

Commercial: Cuts & Bruises

April 01, 2016




Cuts & Bruises is a barbershop located on Hackney Road in East London, just round the corner from the Shoreditch High Street junction. They recently opened for business and I am happy to have had the opportunity to work with them in creating a set of photographs to be used for promotional material…(read more)

Feature: Inokashira Park, Kichijoji

March 25, 2016




An article I worked on with Navitime Japan about Inokashira Park in Kichijoji, Tokyo…(read more)

Personal: Big Mini in Little Taipei

March 03, 2016


Test shooting my newest compact camera, the Konica Big Mini in Taiwan, all images shot in May 2015 with Fuji Presto 400 film…(read more)