An exploration of abandoned places, left behind by man and forgotten by time. Mostly in Japan. For more information on each image, click the link and/or photograph for the full story!

This is a collection of my favourite abandoned photographs, check out my full abandoned back-catalogue here.

Photo link not working? This means I haven’t finished shooting at this location yet, check back in due course for the complete story. Thanks.

NOTE – I receive many emails and requests from people who want information regarding the exact locations in these photos – please understand I cannot reveal such information. I love exploring these places, and I want to do everything I can to protect them, sadly this isn’t the case with some other people who like stealing from and/or vandalizing them. I cannot give you any information on their whereabouts whatsoever, so please don’t ask. Thank you for your understanding!

The Village Ironworks






Bunka Valley Clinic







Negishi Grandstand






Yamanashi Bus




Tomogashima Island





Nichitsu Miner’s Village




Wakagawa Hydro Powerplant






Western Village








Tochigi Gas Station




Dilapidated Kanto Hospital




The Neglected Ryokan






Where Military Aircraft go to Die






Losheng Leprosy Sanatorium






Okutama Ropeway






Tokyo Sento and Residence







Waterdown Elementary School







Taipei Theatre





Nagano Bus



Northwest Elementary School






Abandoned Powerplant in Tea Country





The Lonely Train Yard





Thicket Creek School







Kejonuma Leisureland





Hokkaido Bus




Swindlers Temple





Kansai Sento




The House of Mr and Mrs Asai





The Yamanashi Dodge





Taro Miners Theatre




Taro Police Box





Taro Mine





Matsuo Mine





Yasato Village Post Office





Ibaraki Bus





Spent Vending Machines






Mud Slide Elementry School





Kanto Psychiatric Hospital