Tokyo Sento

August 07, 2015



Photos from a public bathhouse I discovered in central Tokyo recently. A public bathhouse with a nice surprise… (read more)

KONBINI monthly haikyo feature – Taro Mine

July 04, 2015


KONBINI Magazine monthly haikyo feature: This months featured story is about Taro Mine, an abandoned mine in the Tohoku region of Japan. Check it out here!

Vacanze Italiane 2 (zine)

June 25, 2015



Part two of my self published project Vacanze Italiane. This zine is made up of images shot in and around the city of Rome, Italy in 2013. Details on how to buy a copy here (read more)

Patriq – Time Off Promotional Shoot

June 23, 2015



A couple of months ago I posted the Impossible Film x Polaroid photos I shot with trumpet player Patriq, which will ultimately become the cover art for his soon-to-be-released album Time Off. He is still putting the finishing touches to that album, no confirmed release date yet. Stay tuned.

That same day we also took some digital shots together which he will use for promotion purposes elsewhere. Here are a few of those shots, as with the Polaroid images these were all taken in and around Koenji, West Tokyo – earlier this year (red more)

A Patchy Photographic History of a Tokyo Elementary School

June 09, 2015

Scan 19a

Photos dating back over a hundred years that I found in the back of a cupboard at a school I used to teach in, in Tokyo. Take a look at this patchy photographic history of a Tokyo Elementary School…(read more)

KONBINI monthly haikyo feature – Red Villa

June 01, 2015


KONBINI Magazine monthly haikyo feature: This months featured story is about the x-rated material I found inside an abandoned house in the middle of a bamboo grove in rural Japan. Check it out here!

Losheng Leprosy Sanatorium

May 24, 2015



Losheng Leprosy Sanatorium was built in 1929 by the Japanese during their colonization of Taiwan. The hospital has a long, dark and controversial history and it is now at the center of a debate that has been in a state of stalemate for the past decade. Until the future of this hospital is clear, it is sitting in decay, slowly falling to pieces… (read more)

DBS Presents London Elektricity and Makoto

May 19, 2015



London Elektricity landed in Tokyo last weekend for another top notch performance at DBS. Supporting London Elektricity on the ones and twos was Makoto (Human Elements), Tetsuji Tanaka and DJ Miyu. MC Cardz was on the mic for the entire night, holding it down and keeping the crowd hype… (read more)

Taipei Inn

May 15, 2015



Photos from two abandoned hotels I went to in Taiwan recently. One in Taipei city, the other north of the city near the coast… (read more)

Miners Theatre

May 06, 2015



This abandoned theatre sits in the suburbs of Taipei alongside an abandoned mine, it was built for the miners and their families when the mine was active between the years of 1933 and 1987. My original intention was to explore the mine itself, but bad weather and limited time meant I had to postpone, so I made do with the theatre instead. Here’s what I found inside… (read more)

Taipei Hot Spring Village

May 04, 2015



I am currently holidaying and shooting in Taiwan, it’s my first time in the country and I had heard good things about the wealth of ruins to be found here. It took just two days to meet up with local haikyo enthusiasts and start exploring, first up we checked out two abandoned hot spring resorts in the suburbs of Taipei, click the images above to read more… (read more)

KONBINI monthly haikyo feature – Matsuo Mine


KONBINI Magazine monthly haikyo feature: This months featured story is about the abandoned Matsuo mine in Tohoku and the apartments the miners lived in. Check it out here!

Neglected Tractor in Rural Italy

April 21, 2015


I was just digging through negatives from my trip to Italy in the summer of 2013, and I found these photos of an abandoned tractor I stumbled upon, on the roadside in Tuscany while making my way to photograph this abandoned airplane factory. Aside from a few spots of rust and an intricate layer of cobwebs over the drivers seat, the tractor was in reasonably good condition, so I’m not even 100% sure it was abandoned, although it was sat on a very abandoned looking property in the middle of nowhere. The combination of rusting reds and the mountainous backdrop have got me feeling nostalgic for summers in rural Italy (read more)


April 13, 2015




The second part of a series I shot with Japanese singer/songwriter Mana Hardcore last year in the town of Ome, near Tokyo. Click link for more images… (read more)

KONBINI monthly haikyo feature – House of Mr.H

April 09, 2015


KONBINI Magazine monthly haikyo feature: This months featured story is about the abandoned mansion of Japanese politician and social activist Mr H. Click the link to see what I discovered in his former house, abandoned for almost half a century. Check it out here!