The Home of Mr and Mrs Asai

February 06, 2016




The home of Mr and Mrs Asai is situated in a forested area in the mountainous outskirts of Greater Tokyo. Their dwelling was once part of a small village that was home to a local charcoal making community. Their industry started to slowly fade during the late seventies and early eighties, and by 1990 it had ground to a halt, the village and its homes were subsequently abandoned, along with most of their contents…(read more)

David Negrete – Tribe of D Cover Photography

January 28, 2016


This month sees the release of David Negrete’s debut album ‘Tribe of D’ on CD. I have worked with David Negrete several times before, and I was super stoked to learn that he wanted to use two of my images for the album cover art…(read more)

The Ruins of Cornwall’s Tin Mining Industry

January 27, 2016



Cornwall, in the south west of England has a long history of mining that stretches back to the Bronze Age, approximately three and a half thousand years ago. The Cornish coastline is scattered with abandoned mines and engine houses built in the 18th and 19th centuries. During a recent trip to Cornwall, I decided to check out the ruins of this once lucrative local industry…(read more)

Where Military Aircraft go to Die

January 17, 2016


A British military airfield built and used during WW2 is now home to decaying airplanes and choppers of various kinds. I recently went to check it out one cold winter’s morning…(read more)

London Elektricity – Are We There Yet? Cover Photography

December 07, 2015



Last month saw the release of Tony Colman AKA London Elektricity‘s sixth studio album ‘Are We There Yet?’ on Hospital Records. During his 2015 Japan tour earlier this year we met up to make the cover shot used for ‘Are We There Yet?’ (read more)

Okutama Ropeway

November 06, 2015


The Okutama Ropeway was constructed in 1961 to ferry hikers, tourists and locals from one side of Lake Okutama to the other, it is located on the outskirts of Tokyo. But just five years after it opened, it was closed due to a decline in customers. Now it sits abandoned and rusting on the hillside…(read more)

Negishi Grandstand

November 05, 2015


Negishi Grandstand was the first purpose built European style racecourse in all of Japan, used primarily as an entertainment venue for the foreign community and their wealthy Japanese counterparts including the Emperor Meiji. It now stands lonely and abandoned… (read more)

Vacanze Italiane 3 (zine) Now Available

October 27, 2015


Part three of my self published project Vacanze Italiane. This zine is made up of images shot in and around the city of Venice, Italy in 2013. Details on how to buy a copy here (read more)

Dilapidated Hospitals in Kanto


Making the most out of abandonments that are vandalized beyond recognition. Two abandoned hospitals I explored recently in the Greater Kanto region that were so badly vandalized I didn’t know where to begin… (read more)

DBS and Montreux Jazz Festival present MALA and Coki

October 16, 2015


DBS and the Montreux Jazz Festival teamed up to put on a special event to celebrate DBS’ nineteenth anniversary. Headlining the event was Mala and Coki of the DMZ label, with a special live performance from Mamadou Doumbia and support from Goth Trad, Helktram, Inza, Sivarider, DJ DON, Tetsuji Tanaka and Shintaro. Live painting by The Spilt Ink (read more)

KONBINI monthly haikyo feature – Eerie Robots Of An Abandoned Western Theme Park

October 05, 2015


KONBINI Magazine monthly haikyo feature: This months featured story is about an abandoned theme park with an unusual American West twist Check it out here!

Jeremy and Wataru

September 28, 2015



Jeremy Kuhles and Wataru Sato play jazz together. Jeremy plays keys and Wataru plays saxophone. Earlier this year we met up on a warm spring evening to shoot some photos they can use for promotional purposes, it was a short but fun shoot beneath a bridge between Shibuya and Harajuku… (Read more)


September 26, 2015



VOID is a bi-monthly club event held in Harajuku, Tokyo. The VOID crew consists of four resident DJs – Shortie, Gyto, Tum and Azel, and guest artists also play regularly. The night is a mix of UK Bass Music including Garage, House, Jungle, Dubstep, UK Funky and Grime. For details on upcoming events and other info, check their Twitter feed here.

Earlier this year I met up with the VOID crew to shoot some photos they can use for promotional purposes. We shot in several locations along the tracks between Shibuya and Ebisu, on a typically hot Tokyo summer day. Here’s a small selection of the photos we made together…(read more)

KONBINI monthly haikyo feature – Chilling Remains Of A Japanese Elementary School


KONBINI Magazine monthly haikyo feature: This months featured story is about an abandoned Elementary School with a very special resident, Mr Innards Check it out here!

Tokyo Sento

August 07, 2015



Photos from a public bathhouse I discovered in central Tokyo recently. A public bathhouse with a nice surprise… (read more)